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YouPorn to Sponsor eSports Team.

Today, YouPorn announced the acquisition of a professional eSports team during their Reddit AMA, after endless speculation, the decision seems to come down to two Elite DotA2 teams.

Spoiling just the logo and jersey for the team today, the controversy behind the signing has been a huge talking point for the greater eSports community.

Youporn’s venture into eSports began with the above tweet on the 11th of July 2014 and since then, the twitter account has been seen liaising with a variety of managers from various teams.

This includes Counter Logic Gaming’s Kelby, however, League of Legends developer, Riot Games, mentioned that contracts explicitly forbid any League of Legends Championship Series teams to be associated with adult material, such as but not limited to, alcohol, cigarettes and of course the adult film Industry.

Valve, creator of DotA 2, has mentioned no such rule restricting the teams of a deal in this nature. But, with no confirmation as of yet, there is no telling the reach of games the adult film company could reach with eSports reaching new heights everyday. We may even see rival websites take the path of YouPorn into eSports.

But is this a positive direction for the budding scene? With no such comparisons in traditional sports it is hard to say, only time can reveal the answers as many sit in anticipation for the announcement.

The two teams speculated to be the future team YouPorn are the “Super Teams” of European DotA, Team Tinker, and the Mystery team.

Team Tinker, starring Bulba and Qojqva of Team Liquid, SingSing formerly of Cloud 9, Pajkatt of Mousesports and Excalibur formerly of Fnatic. Mystery team, whose roster has not yet been announced, but has been invited to a string of major tournaments including the upcoming World eSports Championships in Hangzhou, China. The team is rumoured to have ex-NaVi duo Puppey and Kuroky, as well as Alliance’s captain s4.

It is remained to be seen exactly what influence YouPorn will have on the eSports scene and who will we be influenced by its entry into the scene. It has also been speculated if any restrictions will be laid against the company in order to preserve the younger viewers of eSports and not to jeopardize coverage of major events. Do you have an opinion? How do you think YouPorn will affect eSports? Join the Discussion on twitter @EGaming_Network!

– Article by Thomas “Buzz” Holcroft @BuzzOCE

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