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WoT_Blitz_Logo_EngAward-winning online game developer and publisher, Wargaming, today released June 26th as the date for the worldwide launch of the highly anticipated World Of Tanks Blitz app for IOS devices such as the iPad 2 and newer as well as smartphones from the iPhone 4s and up.

World Of Tanks Blitz is a mobile free-to-play MMO focused on tank carnage on your phone. The controls are simple, just your thumbs! Blitz gameplay will be just like the original title World of Tanks but will consist of 7v7 battles rather than the well known 15v15 on PC. These games will feature over 100 legendary armored vehicles from USA, Germany and USSR and seasoned tankers will return to most of the roles they have come to know on the PC, these being the scouting Light tanks, balanced Medium tanks, those beefy Heavy tanks and the long range sniping Tank Destroyers.


World of Tanks Blitz was first seen in March 2013 and is Wargaming’s first project for smartphones and tablets. In the first week of Closed Beta sign ups, it managed to pull over 150,000 tankers from the Nordic regions. With an average score of 4.5 on the App Store, Blitz climbed to Top 3 Overall in that region and saw an average of 70 minutes spent in-game by the players.


Wargaming’s Director of Global Operations, Andrey Ryabovol, had this to stay about the impending launch. “We are thrilled to finally give players a release date for World of Tanks Blitz. Following the successful soft launch, we are now putting final touches on the game. We’re really excited about how well World of Tanks Blitz has turned out and can’t wait for players to get their hands on it and engage in tank combat wherever they may go.”


To Learn more about World of Tanks Blitz in region, head to your corresponding site or check out the video below:

Stay tuned when World of Tanks Blitz comes out for my review, but for now, Roll out tankers!

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