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Oceanic Professional League: Roster Movements

With the off-season winding down, teams are back in form and looking to prove their worth on Oceania’s biggest stage yet. Commencing this week, the Oceanic Professional League kicks off with some massive match-ups. Now with more on the line than ever, with two opportunities to play internationally (one at the conclusion of each split), there have been some final changes to your favourite rosters; expect the upcoming split to exhibit some truly emphatic play.

Legacy eSports

Having introduced Tallywhacka to the starting lineup in the top lane late last year, they’ve since shuffled this up again. Cardrid, previously the ADC, has role swapped with Tallywhacka and now finds his home in the top lane. The swap has been assured by multiple members of the team to be valuable and worthwhile. Exuding confidence, the players are ready to prove themselves again and take what they so narrowly missed at the conclusion of 2014.

Dire Wolves

Trouble by issues right before their PAX Australia run, Dire Wolves have brought in a couple of new faces to repair their damaged squad. Perfection, having proved himself valuable as a top laner, has found a permanent position within DW. Coupled with this, the bot lane has reformed with ChuffeR sliding over to the Support position and k1ng coming in as starting ADC. The final change from Dire Wolves saw Rippii step down, with SoulStrikes moving in. Although coming into the Season with a slightly inexperienced roster, they plan on doing what they managed last year — providing Oceania with some crucial upsets.

Team Immunity

After a very hard qualification process through the Challenger series, Immunity have hit a small glitch as Claire has stepped down. Replacing him is scene veteran lQdChEeSe, previously of YSSC, who will fill his shoes. Untested, Team Immunity may look shaky in their opening games, but the seasoned nature of the team means they cannot be counted out.

Avant Garde

After their incredible PAX performance, the team’s star Veritas was noticed by the rest of the world. Final Five, NA Expansion hopefuls, saw his promise and made an offer to bring him to NA. With this also saw the departure of NADA, who’s quitting competitive play. To fill this gap, AV have brought on Mazui (ex-Curse OCE) and Solo Queue talent Junnie. The changes were showcased when the team took on former World Champions, Taipei Assassins at IEM Taipei.

Rich Gang

Rich Gang, a new team to the scene, shocked the Open Ladder when they remained virtually undefeated throughout the lead-up to the Challenger qualifiers. Comprised of a host of former pros, with all of their players holding competitive experience, it shouldn’t have shocked spectators when their dominance took them through to the OPL. However, shock certainly came when their Support, Paws, was handed a ban for ELO boosting and disallowed from competitive play. Taking his place is Destiny, known for Thresh in Solo Queue, will hopefully be enough.

The split commences on Thursday 5th, with the titans in Chiefs eSports Club taking on Legacy, you can check out all of the action on the Riot Games Oceania channel. For more information or to see the schedule for the week, check here.

Article by Jish


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