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OPL Competitive Ruling: Rich Gang Ejected from OPL

Tonight, after a lengthy game of cat and mouse, Riot Oceania have officially taken reprimanding actions against Rich Gang as an organisation. With ongoing issues since their inception, the latest development seems to be a decision to finally end the troubles caused by the rebellious group.

Stating they’ve violated their OPL Team Agreement, they’ve infringed on multiple rules and, despite some lenience initially, have been handed a lasting punishment. Effective immediately, Rich Gang have been expelled from the OPL and their remaining matches will be forfeited, awarding points to all of their remaining opponents. Their spot will be automatically granted to the first place Oceanic Challenger Series team when the second split commences.

With three players having already received competitive bans, Rich Gang had “repeatedly demonstrated an inability to fulfill the requirements of a professional organisation in the OPL. Rich Gang has shown a lack of institutional governance over their players represented by the three separate player suspensions (first, second and third) for in-game behaviour, and repeated inappropriate actions on team social media accounts … resulting in lewd, racist, abusive and otherwise indecent content released on a regular basis.”

While their unpunished players are free (and encouraged) to continue to pursue playing competitive in Oceania, the previously banned players are still excluded from play. On top of that, Rich Gang’s owner has been indefinitely excluded from owning an OPL team in the future.

Article by JishLoL


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