Team Immunity at WCG2013 League of Legends

Oceania Rewind: WCG 2013, Chiefs eSports Club vs CJ Blaze

It doesn’t take a genius to recognise how far behind Oceania’s eSports scene is. With 2014 being the first year players have had a reasonable financial incentive to play the game competitively, the rise of eSports is only a recent phenomenon, however, its growth is exponential. Unfortunately, this lack of development has left our teams fighting from behind when they compete on the international stage and often isn’t taken into consideration when Australia and New Zealand’s representatives are criticized over gameplay.

Oceania Rewind is a series where we are reminded of all the outstanding moments Oceania has had thus far in an attempt to shake off this depressing undertone of self-hate and inspire some support towards both the region and its competitors.

Following their dominance throughout Season 3, Team Immunity were invited to compete at WCG 2013 in China, having the opportunity to represent Oceania on the world stage for the second time in 2013 alone. The tournament would feature some reputable challenger teams at the time like Complexity and Millenium alongside well renowned eSports names like OMG and CJ Blaze.

With the twenty competing teams being divided into four groups, the now Chiefs squad was dropped into Group C with Hong Kong representatives Energy Pacemaker, Japan’s Rampage and future Wildcard 2014 attendees KaBuM! from Brazil. Rounding out the group was none other than Korean powerhouse CJ Entus Blaze. It hosted some of the most individually talented players to ever play the game such as Flame and Lustboy.

The Chiefs squad began their group matches with a struggle, barely scraping through to be 2-1 in their first three games, losing to Energy Pacemaker who were leading the charge alongside the Koreans. After taking wins off both Rampage and KaBuM!, The Chiefs were left in what was essentially a do-or-die match against CJ Blaze. What many considered to be over from the beginning, turned out to be a close match with the Australian team fighting fervently, surprising everyone, including Oceanic and Korean shoutcasters: Papasmithy, Pastrytime and Montecristo, who were commentating over the game.

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