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North American LCS Summer Split Roster Changes

The North American LCS Summer Split is just hours away and a huge number of roster changes have taken place since the end of the Spring Split. Below is a quick recap of all of the changes to date:

Cloud 9:
The dominant team in North America once again saw no reason to shake up their roster. However, shortly before they were set to fly out to compete in the All-Star Invitational Tournament in Paris, their mid laner Hai suffered from a spontaneous collapsed lung and was unable to compete at the tournament. Both Cloud 9 and CLG were quick to act in the situation, and Link was temporarily loaned to Cloud 9 to fill in for Hai during the All-stars Tournament. Both players are expected to return to the starting line-ups for their respective teams when the Summer Split begins.

TSM had the biggest roster shakeup of all of the North American teams. Founding TSM member and jungler TheOddOne stepped down from the line-up, and has instead taken up a coaching position with the team. He has been replaced by Amazing, formerly of Copenhagen Wolves. Hailing from Germany, Amazing was impressive during the Spring Split in the European LCS, twice being awarded the weekly MVP prize.
Veteran support player Xpecial was benched following the end of the Spring Split, with the team citing attitude problems as the reason for him being stepped down. After being made to retrial for his position on the starting line-up, TSM’s members unanimously decided to instead pick up Gleebglarbu, previously of Cloud 9 Tempest. Xpecial was subsequently traded to Team Curse.

Following their loss to TSM during the semi-finals of the Spring Split, CLG’s top laner Nien voluntarily stepped down from the team after receiving a significant amount of flak for his performance. He is currently competing for Frank Fang Gaming as top laner within the North American Challenger Series.
Taking up the position as top laner for CLG is Korean player Seraph. Formerly a substitute for NaJin White Shield, Seraph is the first ex-OGN player to join the North American LCS. With multiple front page posts on Reddit highlighting his plays in the North American Solo Queue ladder, excitement for his appearance in the LCS is running high.

Xpecial replaces Bunny FuFuu as the starting support player after he was traded to Team Curse from TSM. Bunny FuFuu has joined Curse Academy and will compete in the North American Challenger Series in the coming split alongside Crs SaintVicious, who returns to the competitive scene after stepping down as coach of Team Curse.

Team Dignitas:
Team Dignitas picked up ZionSpartan and Shiphtur following the relegation of Team Coast from the LCS. ZionSpartan takes over the top lane position from Cruzerthebruzer and Shiphtur replaces goldenglue as the team’s mid laner. Cruzerthebruzer has been moved to a substitute position while goldenglue has been released from the team.

Evil Geniuses:
Despite their poor performance during the Spring Split, Evil Geniuses successfully defended their spot in the NA LCS during the promotion tournament by defeating Cloud 9 Tempest. The team has confirmed they are looking at trying out new talent, but no roster swaps have as yet been confirmed or hinted at.

In addition to the above roster changes, Team Coast and XDG Gaming were both relegated from the LCS. Taking their place are teams LMQ and compLexity, who successfully battled their way through the North American Challenger Series and toppled the aforementioned teams in their best of 5 Summer Promotion matches.

The brand re-joins the NA LCS after more than a year in the NA Challenger League after complexity Gaming defeated Team Coast 3:1 in a thrilling series during the Summer Promotion Tournament. The roster features a number of previous LCS players and well-known names, with the starting line-up consisting of:

Top Lane: Westrice
Jungle: Brokenshard (formerly of the EU LCS team Dragonborns)
Mid Lane: PR0LLY
Support: Bubbadub

Bulldozing through XDG Gaming in a 3-0 sweep during the Summer Promotion Tournament, LMQ join the NA LCS amidst a sea of expectation. The former Chinese LPL team has been cleaning up the North American Challenger League since the beginning of the year, and now seek to make a name for themselves in the LCS. The team’s line-up consists of:

Top Lane: ackerman
Jungle: NoName
Mid Lane: XiaoWeiXiao
AD: Vasilii
Support: Mor

With a plethora of roster changes taking place across almost every team in the North American LCS, the coming weeks will prove very interesting as each team seeks to develop synergy within their new-look squads whilst LMQ and compLexity set out to prove themselves as serious contenders.

Tune into the first game, Cloud 9 vs. TSM, at 5am AEST tonight on

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