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Mindfreak Reborn: An Interview with MF Naked

Hi Naked and thanks for joining me. First off, your team recently announced you will be representing the Plantronics.Nv organisation as a subsidiary, Plantronics.MindFreak. What drew you to choose the Plantronics family as your new home?

I’ve always been a big supporter of Dox and how he goes about everything (#IBelieveInDox). It’s very rare to find someone in eSports whom you know is always real with you. This trait is massive for me when dealing with management. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with Reagan Koryozo, you and others may know him as “RiGZ”. Both of these men give me the belief that they only want the best for their players and it was a no brainer to work with Dox as soon as we could. To top things off for the team, one of the great supporters of our scene and our region altogether, Plantronics, has jumped onboard and are supporting us further than any other company has in the past. With that great show of faith in us, we’re really excited to be partnered with them for ESWC and all future online and live events.

Aditionally, you also mentioned your team could be seeking individual branding opportunities. Can you give us some insight into your thought process behind this decision?

I can’t say much about the branding part yet. With this team we want to uphold as much professionalism as we can, and with that, we aren’t taking half measures. Everyone will find out soon enough; but it’s exciting for our team and will be something great for all of the community to share with us.

Along with Team Nv’s acquisition of your squad, you will be in attendance of ESWC 2014 in Paris. How did this opportunity come about and what are your expectations for the event?

Our team has been widely recognised as the best in Australia for quite some time now, which usually leads to us being invited to some of the biggest events in the world. Last year we were invited to ESWC and intended to go, but exams clashing with the date of the event meant we would have to attend without our core members, which for us seemed silly considering our chemistry is incredible. This year we have been lucky enough to have been invited to MLG Anaheim, Gfinity 3 and finally ESWC, which now with the support from our amazing sponsors Plantronics and the incredibly player-friendly management that Dox provides, we excited to attend them all. He’s [Dox] making dreams come true and for that we can’t thank everyone enough.

ESWC will be the first international event where all four of your core will be in attendance. How do you expect this to impact your performance in comparison to your previous international appearances?

Attending our first international event with our core 4 is massive. It’s been a huge blow to our team to have to play two years in a row without arguably the best two players our scene will ever see. Having them gone wasn’t just a loss in skill, but our much important team synergy we’ve built over what will almost be 2 years by the time ESWC comes around.

Looking back to your last offline event, ACL Sydney, your team had an uncharacteristic finish when you placed third. In your opinion, what caused this?

Our 3rd placing at Sydney doesn’t really concern us. We dominated the Saturday and honestly felt like there was nothing to play for with Ghosts being over and no chance of any international event on the cards for us. The spark has now been re-ignited with a fresh organisation and a great player oriented management, whom give a wealth of support to us in what has only been a short time already. ESWC gives us a reason to still play Ghosts and grind out these last few months before we frisbee it off the Eiffel tower for good.

Mindfreak was the first seed when it came to the ACL Online League invites. How has the first week been for you and what are your expectations for the rest of the season?

Week one was very average. We forfeited two maps in Round 1 because of internet issues and the fact I was away on holidays, but still managed to take the series win, which is all that matters really. The second match with our core roster was a clean sweep; I’d say it was a comfortable win and a display of what we plan to do for the rest of this game.

This week everyone got their first look at the Advanced Warfare multiplayer. What are your first impressions of the game from a competitive standpoint?

I can’t comment on this, I was away all weekend and half the week so I am yet to see any gameplay. I’ll be happy with anything but Ghosts once it’s released, so everything’s looking up!

Thanks for your time Naked. Any final words or shoutouts?

Firstly a massive shout out to the team, it’s been a pleasure to know that I’ll always have my three teammates by my side and it’s never a worry. I doubt anyone else in this scene can say that they’ve never been worried about a player leaving or kicking them. Secondly, Plantronics and Dox who are making this all possible. We can’t wait to do both of you proud and build a great relationship that is more than just eSports related. To RiGZ, who mentored me in my still infancy to the scene. He taught me all I have come to know about dealing with people and companies and I am forever grateful for the help he gave me. We shall see him return to the scene soon as he helps Dox take us to the top. These two guys are the perfect role models for any aspiring managers or organisation owners in the scene. Finally to the community for the amount of support that this team has had since its creation which seems like forever, we have something coming for you #SOON.

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