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Kings of ANZ Heroes of the Storm Inbound!

As what can only be described as a successful alpha comes to an end, Oceania’s first major Heroes of the Storm tournament is set to kick off tomorrow.

Featuring the best teams currently; 5Hype, Team Tribute, Uproar.ESJ and Chimpions of the World, Kings of ANZ is set to determine which squad is currently ahead of the pack. HappyRage, who is a well-recognized figurehead of the Oceanic scene, is hosting as well as casting the event alongside former competitive player, Aulda.

Let’s take a closer look at the teams competing and get to know them a little better!

Team Tribute

Shy, Tooka, Railed, Jaemz, Shuttle

The longest standing team in the tournament, Team Tribute are the first seed for Kings of ANZ. Flaunting a line up of MOBA veterans across multiple roles, Tribute’s competitive strength succeeds from a history in League of Legends. Shy, formerly known as Elysia, is the well-known former Jungler for Team Immunity for many years, which included representing Oceania in Riot’s Wildcards Tournament at Gamescom 2012. Furthermore, Tooka and Railed both have had high-end amateur success as well as maintained challenger throughout their days of playing.

Team Tribute are also the only team in ANZ thus far to have a dedicated support staff, with the addition of Mark “Petrify” Fittipaldi, well known Australian SC2 player, in a coach/analyst role.


Skimmy, Kvaa, Ninja, Zekken, BlueAura

Formed by New Zealand’s dynamic duo Skimmy and Kvaa, finding three more players that could fill the roster with the same talent and dedication proved difficult for 5Hype. Adding young guns Ninja, Zekken and BlueAura, 5Hype have been improving at an exponential rate. Hailing from a history in competitive Call of Duty, Kvaa and Skimmy are no strangers to competing, which could prove critical in being able to lead their team to victory.

Look out for Kvaa’s impeccable Stitches and Skimmy to dominate on his renowned Valla if either of them even make it through the ban phase.


Crumpet, Tee, Dracor, Falco, Chivalry, MaXxy, Captfyodor

Another roster containing a mixture of experienced and newer players, Uproar.ESJ are looking to finally leave their mark on what has been an uncontested top two for quite some time. Maxxy, Tee and Crumpet are some of the more notable names on the squad. Despite Crumpet previously being the core support player for the team, he’s recently invested a lot of time into playing carries which could indicate a role-swap.

Look for Uproar to dent the defences of Team Tribute and 5Hype with their use of expert carries like Illidan and Valla.

Chimpions of the World

Shuppzy, Caveman, Dirk, Lawreb, Ljarvisone, Riza, Violetsen

Our final and still quite unknown team, Chimpions of the World are the new kids on the block. Having aliases that ring few bells to most, CotW will be looking to catch a team off-guard with their mysterious nature.

Watch for desginated Carry player Lawreb to showcase some fancy footwork on Valla or Tychus in an attempt to cause some upsets.

Round 1 of the tournament will begin on Saturday, the 10th at 12:00pm AEST(10:00pm Central Time, Friday the 9th) and will be streamed over at

To find out more information about the tournament, as well as the complete ruleset being used, check out HappyRage’s official post over on the ANZ forums here.

Article by Zeror.

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