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Get to Know Immunity’s Rosey

Fresh off their win against Check Main Sestysage over the weekend, Team Immunity will be facing Curse this coming Sunday in the Winter Regional Round of 8. Known for his aggressive play-style and his unconventional support picks, I caught up with Team Immunity’s support player Andrew ‘Rosey’ Rose to talk about Week 1 of the tournament and the planning process behind his champion picks.


The team played their first match against Check Main Sestysage and went 2-0. Coming off that win, how will the team be preparing for the match-up against Curse?

Rosey: I feel like our preparation against Curse will be the same as it has been leading up the Winter Round of 8. We hope to get scrims going Monday to Friday and practice some team comps that we feel will bring us the results that we want.


You’re known to pick unconventional support champions – like you did with Zilean in the Autumn Finals. What is the planning process behind these unconventional champion picks?

Rosey: The planning process behind my unconventional picks starts with me going through the whole list of champions and playing them randomly in solo queue. I initially picked Zilean up from watching Jree from Millenium, and decided to pick it up in scrims. It was also a really good pick for our play style and also gave our solo laners the early Level 2 to dominate lane.


On the topic of Zilean, can you explain the reasoning behind running one Greater Quintessence of Experience with that champion?

Rosey: The reasoning behind running one Greater Quintessence of Experience isn’t just for any role – it was used for our jungler, Spookz. We found out that running the one Quint would give Spookz the early Level 3 from just doing both of his buffs.


Who do you think are your strongest opponents going into the Winter Regional Round of 8?

Rosey: I think the strongest opponents going into the Round of 8 will definitely be Curse. We’ve had some really good games with them in the past and hopefully the upcoming games won’t disappoint.


You’re the only professional Oceanic player to have played every role competitively – Do you need a particular skillset to be able to play across such a range of roles? Or was it your game knowledge that made it easy for you to transition between roles?

Rosey: I think that it’s mainly just having the game knowledge from going role to role. You don’t have to know all of the little things in the lane but you get the big picture and what that role involves. Starting as a jungler also helped, as you need to be able to read what is happening in the lanes to decide your next move.


Adding on from the previous questions, how did you eventually settle onto the support role?

Rosey: I eventually settled into the support role after I joined Team Immunity as a substitute after leaving Chiefs. When I played my first tournament under Team Immunity I was subbing in for Swip3rr at the time as support, after that Raydere decided that he wanted me as core player and it’s been like that ever since. Having a solid Marksman like Raydere has definitely helped me settle in and make me feel at home in the lane.


Have you had a chance to play Braum yet? What do you think of him as an overall support champion?

Rosey: I haven’t really got that much of a chance to play Braum because just like any new champion, he’s perma-banned in solo queue. I did manage to play 2 games of him and from what I got out of it is that his utility can’t be matched. The passive stun, dash to increase armor/magic resist, the knock up from his ulti and the strongest ability in his kit Unbreakable – as long as you position yourself correctly, your team will take no damage at all.


Considering that the team has had significant experience playing on LAN and on a live stage compared to other teams in the region, do you feel that the team has an advantage when playing in front of a live audience?

Rosey: I feel like when we’re at a LAN event in front of a live crowd we play 10x better than we do online. Given that, I feel like we definitely have an advantage when playing in front of a live audience and I think some players from other teams get a bit nervous from it.


Curious minds would like to know – and this has been a highly requested question – what shampoo do you use?

Rosey: I’d like to say L’Oreal, because I’m worth it but, unfortunately, I use Garnier Fructis.


Thanks for joining me today, Rosey. Do you have any shout-outs you’d like to make?

Rosey: I’d definitely like to give a shout out to my teammates for getting us where we are now. Team Immunity and our sponsors, Intel, Gigabyte, Steelseries, BenQ, Antec, GeiL and Redbull. Also a big shout out to Frank our manager, don’t know what we’d do without him. Also I’m going to start up my Facebook page and hopefully do some coaching so please give us a like.  Thank you <3

Team Immunity will be playing against Curse this Sunday (June 1st). Be sure to tune in for what is sure to be an action-packed game!

Interview by Amy “Sigils”

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