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Five Reasons why Curse AU Will Continue to Succeed

Curse AU made their claim to fame at the beginning of this year when they achieved what many considered unthinkable. In the ANZ Regional Finals, they dethroned reigning champions Team Immunity under former organisation Trident, becoming the first team to ever stand up to iM’s LAN dominance.

Representing the ANZ region as the first seed they went on to perform impeccably on the world stage, almost incomparably to the Australian representatives last year. While Mindfreak and Immunity failed to even make it out of groups the year prior, the squad went on to place fifth at the event, taking home $70,000 in prize money.

Since returning from L.A. they have had a tough time contending for the top spot against Immunity until recent. However, the team has some notable characteristics that will be invaluable as time goes on along with the transition into Advanced Warfare.

5. Slaying Power

Crs Slaying Power

Although most teams seem to have players who shine in specific parts of the game like: objective or support, every single member of Curse AU has proven that they have the ability to hold a dominant slaying role on any given day.

Having the ability to constantly out-kill your opponents often transitions into being able to control the map. In addition, with everyone being able to frag up a storm in a game means there is less pressure on one player needing to be on point every day of the week. With captain Issei, new-blood Louqa and long-standing members Damage and Denz all having impeccable gun-skill gives Curse a failsafe if one player fails to perform on the day.

Having this shared attribute also allows for any player to transition between playing the objective or a support position with ease. Any player on the line-up is able to fill the role thats most suited for the situation they are in during any singular map, as opposed to other teams that might feel limited by being forced to play around one players play-style.

4. Explosive Playstyle

Curse AU 1

Another feature that really stands out for the team is their relentless playstyle. Over time, Curse AU has become renowned for their aggression, unmatched by other teams from the region. Commonly you will see Curse pushing spawns rather than holding safe positions, disallowing any breathing room for their opponents.

This doesn’t differ to S&D either. Translating from fast paced game-modes like Blitz and Domination, the squad brings the same level of intensity to their Search and Destroy game. With well thought-out fast pushes and intricate map rotations, Curse are able to control S&D rounds convincingly when it pays off.

In comparison to Immunity who flaunt some of the best slow and methodical attack rounds in AUSCOD, Curse are almost direct opposites. Although this explosive play-style sometimes does have its drawbacks, the team’s mastery of it can put even some of the best teams on the back foot.

3. Consistent Competitive Attendance

Curse AU 3

As of recently, Curse AU’s competitive attendance record has been unmatched. Seemingly playing in any tournament or league they can get their hands on. Anywhere from ACL and CG to Doesplay ODCs and leagues.

In the last week alone, the team has competed in: the CG Midweek Comp, the Doesplay Pro League Finals, the CG Astro Circuit Season 6 ODC #2 and the ACLPro League Grand Final. Curse AU are willingly taking on every opportunity to compete, which will more than likely have a monumental impact into the ever-approaching changeover to Advanced Warfare.

2. Issei’s LeadershipCrs Issei 2

Curse’s commanding voice Issei is nothing less of a stand out in his role. Providing direction and drive as well as having the ability to pick his team back up after a rough round, his captaincy clearly has an extraordinary influence on the team’s ability to perform as a whole.

As a captain, Issei has the capacity to orchestrate his team while not letting it detract from his own gameplay. Directing his team through opening strategies, mid-game adjustments and allocating positions, Issei is able to quickly identify what is going right and wrong in a game and co-ordinate himself and his squad effectively.

If you’ve ever had a chance to tune into his stream, you can immediately hear for yourself Issei pumping up his team. When huge frags or massive plays go in the favor of Curse, Issei’s going to let the world know about it, shouting through his microphone and amplifying his team. Additionally, for losing games it also paves a path to victory. It only takes one big play for the emotionally-driven Curse squad to fire up and take control, completely flipping an outcome of what many would consider an already decided game.

1. Adding Louqa to the Roster

Crs Louqa

If you are unaware of who Louqa is, you must have been living under a rock for the last few months. Louqa blew everyone away with his astounding performance against some of the best teams in the region at ACL Sydney under Team Storm. At an unbelievable age of just 13, Louqa has already made a name for himself as a result of his proven performance online and now offline upon taking first place at the Sydney event.

Due to some now well-renowned attitude issues with core member at the time Chileanz, Louqa was thrown head first onto the line-up and adjusted seamlessly. With top-tier gunskill and the ability to perform against the best teams consistently, Louqa has arguably the most potential out of any AUSCOD player given his age. He also has been a regular fill-in for the squad since its creation and has previously teamed with Damage and Denz, making his transition even easier.

Despite all this however, the community’s first take on the roster change wasn’t a positive one. Many of the outcries were accusations that Louqa being a core player would be detrimental to their chances at COD Champs due to the age restrictions.

However, the doubts were silenced pretty quickly via Issei publically explaining his thought process on ACL’s “In the Zone” alongside the immediate improvement in results upon Louqa’s acquisition.

“Mark my words, hes going to be the best. He’s probably already the best so I don’t really understand why people are trying to say we made a bad decision. COD Champs is one competition, there is so much time ahead of us, so there is really no rush.” - Issei on ACL’s In the Zone, addressing why the team chose Louqa.

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