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Dignitas Departs Oceania

Team Dignitas OCE, formerly known as Frenetic Array had their contracts terminated by the international organisation last week. Rumours had been floating around the Oceanic community for several days, but were confirmed shortly after by the team on May 13th in a post on their Facebook page.


Initial community speculation behind the termination of the contract was presumably due to the team’s failure to qualify for the Riot Winter Regionals. It has been suggested that the reasons behind their poor performance may be a result of the recent line-up changes that have shaken up the core roster.


This began with the duo lane, where support LittleUberGiant left the team due to sporting commitments and jungler, Rippii was moved to the substitute position. They were replaced by former Eviscerate member, tgun and AKG Senpai respectively. AKG Senpai has since been moved to the substitute position and replaced by Claire, as he is no longer barred by Riot’s player age restriction. Rippii has also stepped down from the substitute position.


EGN reached the team’s manager, Brendan “Bma” Ma for an official statement on the team’s situation.


“The team was suffering from some uncontrollable circumstances at the time of the Winter Ro8. We were told on relatively short notice that LittleUberGiant would be unable to play for Winter due to AFL commitments, so we needed to find a new support. We also decided that it would be for the best to search for a new jungler at this time as well.

By the time we had selected our new roster, we still had a reasonable amount of time to practice. However, shortly after this, Ubergiantsbro was evicted from his house through no fault of his own. As a direct result, we had to use our substitute player for practice in all our scrims leading up to qualifiers. On the day of the last qualifier at Cybergamer, we also needed a substitute mid laner as Kenste was warned by his employer that not showing up to work would result in the loss of his job.

After failing to qualify for the Ro8, we realised that we had a reasonably long period of time before any other upcoming events. We also realised that our substitute player Claire was the optimal fit for the team, and would no longer be banned by age restrictions for future tournaments.

Upon communicating our poor results and our intentions of moving Claire to the main roster, Team Dignitas was unimpressed and decided to let the team go.

We cannot regret any of the decisions that we made as a team. All of our decisions were made on the premise of maximising our chances to qualify for Winter and, after failing that, the premise of making our roster as strong as possible for future events.

The fault does not really lie with any party from my perspective. Our team failed to achieve the results that were expected from us, and after multiple roster changes, we were no longer the same team that were originally picked up by Team Dignitas. On the other hand, we could not have done anything differently in regards to the unfortunate circumstances we were placed in without sacrificing real life commitments.

Ultimately, the team will move on as Team Ex Dreamers. Despite our disappointing performance in Winter, we are still motivated to try and qualify for the next major event. To all our fans, please continue to support our team in the future.”


Contrary to the unfavourable circumstances, the team has decided to shed light on the situation by continuing on as “Ex Dreamers” poking fun at the ex-Dignitas (or ex d) jokes.


You can keep up with Team Ex Dreamers on social media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exdgamingoce
Twitter: https://twitter.com/exdreamers

I would like to thank Bma for taking his time to provide a statement on the situation and wish the team the best of luck in future tournaments. You can follow Bma at @Nv_Bma, who now plays for Team Nv at @NvLeague.


Article written by Amy “Asgard” (@AsgardLoL)

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