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CyberGamer MOL Asia Open Ladder S1 Finals Recap

CGToday tankers across South East Asia watched the finals for the 3 month long MOL World of Tanks Asia Open Ladder. Since the 2nd of April, 9 teams have battled it out and left countless destruction across battlefields to ensure their place coming into the round of 8 today and not be the unlucky team sent home. Sponsored by MOL, teams played off for a top 4 spot to walk away with gold prizing, worth a combined total of $300 AUD.

First up on stream we saw OneBlood vs NUMB in a best of 5 series. Now these two teams were #3 and #4 on the normal ladder at the end of the season and are both considered strong teams so it was clear it was going to be a good series.

Map one was Himmelsdorf and both teams came in with identical line ups, 3 AMX 50 100’s, 2 IS-3’s and 2 T1’s. Things started well for NUMB with PseudoGiant finding first blood on the opposing T1 for OneBlood. But as the tanks pushed on, OneBlood were able to find the opposing tanks out of position and push through to close out game 1.

Map two was fought on Ruinberg. NUMB brought an almost identical line up to Game one, only swapping out an AMX 50 100 for an AMX 13 90, while OneBlood swapped out an IS-3 for an AMX 13 90. This game was short and sweet from NUMB’s perspective. As OneBlood committed their forces down the 0 line, NUMB rolled up through the city to push a fast cap before OneBlood could respond, leveling the series 1 all.

Map three was played out on Prohorovka, a more open map than the last two. Teams were evenly matched bringing a Pershing, T69, 3 AMX 13 90’s and the standard 2 T1’s. Both teams remained evenly poised on each side of the train tracks in the northern part of the map while the two T1’s from OneBlood proceeded down the road on the 2 line to force some cap pressure. But the stand-off in the north was broken as 3 OneBlood members rushed over the tracks, pushing through and decimating NUMB’s line up. From here it was just a clean up and OneBlood took the lead 2-1.

In map 4 we saw it play out on Ensk. OneBlood came in with 4 AMX 50 100’s, a KV-5 and 2 T1’s while NUMB opted for 1 less AMX 50 100, coming in with 2 KV-5’s instead. Both teams went for a fast push strategy but on opposite sides of the map. Once NUMB realised this it was Furbex who dropped back in his AMX 50 100, managing to set two tanks on fire before falling himself, destroying OneBlood’s chance of capping for a draw. Once again leveling the series and bringing this best of 5 to the final round.

The tie-breaker game 5 saw the Mines map coming into play. OneBlood’s core line up consisted of those that proved most popular all series, 2 x AMX 50 100’s and 3 x AMX 13 90’s while NUMB changed things up a bit, brining in a line up of 2 x T32’s, 2 x AMX 13 90’s and a Pershing. OneBlood’s AMX 13 90’s managed to get onto the middle hill without a shot being fired and all looked as though it started well. The AMX 50 100’s came down the 8 line to come round the back of NUMB but as they came round the corner, it was just like they were ambushed. NUMB managed to completely melt OneBlood’s lineup, ensuring a spot into the Grand Final.

Meanwhile off-stream, Team Pratriot were able to go 3-0 in the other best of 5 final versus Drop Bears to secure their spot in the best of 5 Grand Final versus NUMB.


 Into the Grand Final best of 5 series between NUMB and Team Pratriot and Himmelsdorf was the first map. Both team brough in identical line ups of 3 x AMX 50 100’s and 2 x IS-3’s for the core line up. NUMB chose to push once again just like they did in game 1 of the semi-finals. Joke managed to pick up the enemy T1 for first blood but Pratrium had set up for the NUMB push and destroyed NUMB’s line up to pick up game one for an early lead in the series.

Back on Ruinberg for game two and teams were evenly matched. 2 x IS-3’s, 2 x AMX 50 100’s and an AMX 13 90 made the core line up of both teams. NUMB pushed up the west while Pratrium rolled down the east. NUMB was able to pick up a blind first blood kill but after a one of NUMB’s T1 was spotted, Pratrium set up around their base and waited for NUMB to push cap. As the clock ran down NUMB decided to finally push but it was like water against rock as Pratriot wiped them out to take game 2 and give themselves a 2-0 lead in this best of 5 final.

Game three took place on Cliff and NUMB really needed to look for the win or at the very least a draw. Both teams gathered around the hill from the 6-9 lines and the first few shots were in favour of NUMB finding Patrium’s Recorder dropped to 60% health. For the rest of the game there was no action seen. by the time the tanks moved on, the clock had run out seeing a draw for the game.

Coming into Game 4 on Prohorovka, it was a must win for NUMB. The line ups were totally different with Pratrium bringing in a T32, 2 x T69’s and 2 x AMX 13 90’s while NUMB came in with a Pershing, a T69 and 3 x AMX 13 90’s. Both teams headed toward the eastern village for an all out engage. First blood came for NUMB as they completely melted Pratrium’s Recorder. After a 6 minute skirmish, NUMB found their way around to flank Pratrium and finally put a win on the board as the series moved into game 5.

Meanwhile off-stream, OneBlood were able to win the 3rd place final 3-0 over DropBears, seeing OneBlood pick up the 3rd place prize of 10,500 gold and DropBears pick up 3500 gold.

Game 5 was Mines once again and Pratrium came in with an absolute power house pulling out 4 x IS-3’s and a WZ-132 while NUMB brought a fairly standard line up of an AMX 50 100, 2 x AMX 13 90’s, a Pershing and a T32. While the casters and possibly all the viewers were expecting Pratrium to sit back and camp, they surprised everyone by rushing the hill in the middle with all 4 IS-3’s. It was evident by NUMB’s reaction that they were unprepared for this as they scattered upon sighting the huge force in the middle of the map. While their tanks cirlced the mountain attempting to proxy spot the IS-3’s, the clock was ticking down. The patience by both teams was evident as the clock continued to dwindle down to the 90 second mark before NUMB finally decided to make a push for the cap. While NUMB did pick up the defending T1, time was just not on their side and Pratrium saw out the draw to win the series 2-1.

Congratulations to Team Pratrium for taking out 1st place and 35,000 gold thanks to MOL Australia. But that isn’t all for the action. Stay tuned next week on Wednesday 9th of July for the finals for the MOL World of Tanks ANZ Open Ladder.

Competition Results:
1st: 35000 Gold – Team Pratrium
2nd: 21000 Gold – NUMB
3rd: 10500 Gold – OneBlood
4th: 3500 Gold – DropBears



The CyberGamer MOL Asia Open Ladder was sponsored by Money Online. Not only did they put up the gold prize pool worth $300 AUD but they also gave away a free day of Premium on World Of Tanks during the broadcast.


e35f845c0b93655ccea3750c4630f710ea9a5bf0_full The games were streamed by TeamDownTV and casted by their very own Sandman and Uber. You can follow TeamDownTV as they stream you events from many different eSports. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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