be quiet! Silent Base 800 Review

The initial impressions the be quiet! Silent Base 800 gives are fairly good. Its base construction is of a solid metal, highlighted with plastic front and top. It all fits together seamlessly and is a relatively understated, yet elegant design. Its soft features and matte coating make it visually pleasing and generally an impressive piece of engineering.  The design, however, is more than just sleek. The interior of the case is spacious and modifiable. Removable HDD cages makes rearranging your graphics card(s) easier and allows high-end computers to operate perfectly in this case. A common issue which trends in case discussion pertains to preference or opinion on their appearance; however, the Silent Base 800 manages simplicity and elegance, among it’s different colour highlights to be fairly universally appreciable. One should be wary of its size, while not monstrously large, it’s certainly a bigger chassis comparatively to other mid-range towers – however the mounted feet are removable, which can reduce some of its height.

The larger size does have its benefits, a large contribution to the extra size is the air intake/outlet adorning the top and underside of the case. The design features these  mounted feet to lift the build off the surface it’s resting on, allowing air intake (or expulsion) from beneath the power supply unit. This feature also comes with removable dust filters, to make cleaning easier.


Having used this in my own build, I am confident that aside from aesthetics, cooling and noise reduction, a large degree of thought has gone into the interior’s capability to facilitate an easy build. The motherboard tray is solid and feels safe, with inbuilt spacing to protect the back of the board and remove a need for standoffs. The HDD installation is made easy through using rubberised hard-disc mounts, helping to remove vibration and stabilise the drives. It has removable cages and ample positions to hold as many drives as you could possibly want, suiting a variety of needs. These, by the way, are all tool free (although, they come done up very tight from factory!) which is one of many positives this case oozes.

The spacious design allows for water cooling, meaning users wanting aftermarket systems and designs can feel right at home; however its air cooling is similarly very impressive. It has mounting feet for added airflow beneath the power supply unit, as well as insulated interior and room for additional fans. With quality in mind, it comes with 3 pre-installed, Filtered Pure Wings 2 fans as standard. Regardless of the cooling system you desire, the case performs true to name and is uncannily quiet. My personal system is running the stock cooling currently, which is proving to be both effective and valuable. Keep in mind that users planning to OC any of their hardware, whilst the stock cooling is of a high quality, caution would obviously be advised.

The insulated interior helps to keep the noise levels in check, but doesn’t restrict access to your system. The front of the case has two opening panels, one allowing access to 5.25 bays and the other housing two of the pre-installed fans. One issue arises here, with the hinges for this reversible door don’t feel stable. So far, with careful treatment, I’ve yet to encounter a problem with them even after rearranging the hinges to test the quality. The idea to switch its orientation is clever, catering to user’s with smaller areas or desk arrangements and allows a little customisation, however a sturdier construction would’ve gone a long way — I am prepared for their inevitable breakage.

The side panels have indented branding, which adds more to the air flow as well as the appearance. They’re attached from the inside with four screws, meaning they are removable but solid. Essentially creating a vacuum, the hot air inside the case naturally flows towards the rear, removing excess heat in a position which will likely minimise as much noise as possible. The side inlets add to this function, along with front mounted airflow and slots. To improve this, there is an additional four slots to add more fans, should one desire to do so.

Although standard in a majority of mid to high end cases, the be quiet! Silent Base has a robust cable management system, meaning that all of your hardware is neatly managed and presentable. This just adds to making the case user-friendly, with enough space for non-modular PSUs to hide away ugly or unused cables. My personal build used a PSU without modular cabling, and as tempting as it is to leave it all sitting there, it was very easy to tie off unused cords.

An interesting area, that while may go against some of the features the case tries to support, is that whilst it’s a very elegant and well managed case, it lacks both a quick-release mechanism or window. Of course, this is preference based, but I can imagine it being a deal maker/breaker for potential buyers. With the expansion of their company to produce a wider variety of products, I wholly expect to see a larger range of chassis’ which will include features such as those above.

In all, be quiet! have come out with a stunning design that blends function with utility. Encompassing a purposeful design both inside and out, whilst remaining appealing to the eye isn’t an easy feat. There are certainly a few drawbacks to the case, but none are too damaging that wouldn’t make it worth purchasing. Coupling its ease of build, performance and price, the be quiet! Silent Base 800 is certainly a recommended purchase.

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Review by JishLoL

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