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Australia at ESWC Paris 2014

The Electronic Sports World Cup in France, one of the largest European E-Sports events, always manages to draw some of the best talent from across the globe. With Avant Gaming’s Prod1gyV securing his attendance through an official qualifier at ACL Sydney and Plantronics.Mindfreak being one of the selected few Call of Duty: Ghosts teams invited to the prestigious tournament, Australia will be represented across two titles at ESWC this year.

plt.mfNothing less than familiar faces to the world stage now, Mindfreak(formerly Team Immunity) were successfully accepted to be one of the teams to compete at the event. Describing it as a reason to continue playing Ghosts, Naked and the rest of the squad are clearly more motivated than ever to perform well at the event.

Following an unprecedented result at COD Champs this year, Mindfreak were slow to start upon returning home. Suffering from the slump of “post-worlds”, Mindfreak only really started to pick up the pace once again upon departing from their prior organsiation Team Immunity. Finding a new home at Plantronics.Mindfreak, a subsidiary of the well recognized Plantronics.Nv(not to be confused with Team EnvyUs) they announced that now with the financial support of their new organisation they would be able to attend ESWC this year.

Although recent connection issues have been inhibiting the team’s practice, Mindfreak are shaping up to have another impeccable placing on the international stage this year, this time on a whole new continent. With a supportive management team, motivation to practice and most importantly having their core line-up for the first time ever at an international event, look to Mindfreak to end their Ghosts venture on a high note.

Attending alongside Mindfreak is Avant Gaming’s Prod1gy_V who was awarded his spot via the official qualifier at ACL Sydney. Prod1gy excelled through the upper bracket flawlessly, making it all the way to the grand final where he met well renowned member of the Australian FIFA scene, Frenetic Array’s Muzza255.

Going into the finals from the upper bracket meant that Prod1gy only had one series to win in order to secure his trip to Paris. Although this was to be the case in the end, it wouldn’t be before two hard-fought overtime games.AUSFifa

Being relatively unknown at the event, Prod1gy made his presence known when he surpassed players like Immunity’s Skip 1, Muzza from Frenetic Array and Avant’s very own D1M1 in stellar fashion. Pleasing the crowd along the way with gestures like holding up a sign which read “I’m going to Paris” after his first goal in the second game. Being picked up immediately after his first place finish by the Avant Garde organisation, Prod1gy_V is the new face of both Avant and Australian FIFA.


It’s been an incredible year for Oceanic representation on the international eSports stage this year. Make sure you get behind our Australian players as they take the fight overseas to France for ESWC 2014!

You can follow Plantronics.Mindfreak on their:



Although Prod1gy_V is yet to create his own personal social media accounts, you can follow his progress on the official Avant Garde Facebook and Twitter pages:






Article by Zeror

Image Credit: AusFIFA, ESWC

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