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A Second International Expedition: Team Immunity TF2 are headed to Insomnia52

With the 52nd Insomnia LAN event comes another chance for powerhouse Australian squad, Team Immunity TF2, to prove themselves internationally.

Following their seventh consecutive OWL season win, it became public knowledge that Immunity would be doing everything they can to make a second international appearance following their showing at Insomnia49 last year. Over the next few weeks, Aporia announced on the Ozfortress forums that the team’s flights and accommodation has been booked and paid for.

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Before we look forward to Insomnia52, let’s glance back at the prestigious Team Fortress 2 team’s history.

Immunity’s Team Fortress division has astoundingly held first place in a virtually uncontested fashion for multiple years. In the most recent season held by Ozfortress, OWL11, Team Immunity finished the season without losing a single match. Furthermore, their performance in the grand final was no different, defeating One Night Stand 2-0 with conclusive map scores of 4-0 on Viaduct and 5-1 on Granary. Their first position finish makes OWL11 their seventh consecutive season win.

With Team Fortress becoming a seemingly everlasting, stagnant competitive game for the squad, an opportunity finally presented itself in late 2013. The Team Fortress 2 competition at Insomnia49 pulled international attention from top teams throughout North America and Europe and the Australian champions. Given their consistent and optimal results, upon expressing interest, Team Immunity were invited alongside six of Europe’s best teams and NA’s best team, High Rollers Gaming.

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Invited teams were promoted directly to knockouts, but prior to the tournament they were pitted against each other to establish seedings. Immunity came out second after playing off against the invite group, only falling short against Epsilon eSports.

Moving into the first rounds of the competition, Immunity were off to a flawless start. In Round 1, iM knocked open bracket qualifiers TC Redito to the loser’s bracket after defeating them 3-0. The following round was no different, Team Immunity once again dealt with their opponents in perfect fashion, making “Did I Stutter?” their second victim after a convincing 5-0 in Round 2. However, this is when things started going downhill for the Australian representatives. In Round 3 they met renowned NA team High Rollers Gaming and ended up losing 2-1 in a nail biter of a series. Dropping to the loser’s bracket, they managed to knock out the 6th seed Frenchies, before being sent home themselves by TCM. The team didn’t leave empty handed though, taking home £400 as well as prestigious individual awards. Yuki earned the title of Best Soldier along with MVP of the entire tournament, not to be out done by Sheep, who acquired Best Scout of i49. Overall, a fourth place finish was most certainly an admirable effort by the squad but left the team unsatisfied. This year poses as another chance for the now internationally experienced roster.

Now let’s look to Insomnia52 and the future for the team.

Since Insomnia49 last year the team has only improved further, clearly taking on board everything they learnt overseas and bringing it home with them. Placing 4th at i49 with no international experience and coming from a smaller region in comparison to NA and EU, only shows greater promise for Team Immunity’s future appearance at the UK gaming festival. OWL11 has arguably been their most dominant season thus far and with two advantageous roster changes, the team is confident in their ability to take a first place finish at the event.


With the return of seasoned veteran Snowblind to the scout role and the addition of Termo as demoman, the roster is looking stronger than ever. Both Termo and Snowblind come from a competitive history of endangering Immunity’s pedestal. Being core members of former teams that came close to threatening Immunity’s reign, including both being members of OWL10 season team Supervillains, who came up against iM in the grand final.

Going into this event with the most formidable roster Australia has to offer, featuring arguably some of the individually best players in their roles, Immunity has filled every prerequisite to improve on their international debut last year. There’s also a possibility that the team could be flying over early in order to boot-camp for a week prior the tournament.

Unfortunately, this amazing story is dampened by an overhanging factor for the team. After so many unopposed seasons, the game has become unrewarding and stale, leaving the team convinced that this will be their final event.

“Depending on how i52 goes, I think everyone is expecting that this may be the biggest and the best and potentially one of the last hurrahs for competitive TF2, at least for us.”

– Aporia, Team Immunity TF2 Captain

With Insomnia52 on the horizon, there is no doubt that the Ozfortress community will once again come together to stand behind the team as they attempt to end their Team Fortress 2 journeys satisfied and fulfilled. Good luck Team Immunity and here’s hoping you achieve what you have set out to do.

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